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 Ramadan Economy Umrah - First 2 Weeks












 Rawabi Zamzam Hotel 

  • First 7 Days
  • 13 mins walk to Haram  

 Deyar Taiba Hotel

  • Last 7 Days
  • 5 mins walk to Haram

Flight Itinerary

  • 18 June - London or Manchester to Jeddah
  • 19 June - Arrive in Makkah
  • 25 June - Makkah to Madina
  • 02 July - Return to London or Manchester

 Prices per Adult

  • Quad Room: £1590
  • Triple Room: £1690
  • Double Room: £1850

Price Includes:

  • Indirect Flights on Egyptair (London/Manchester) - Luggage = 2 x 23kg
  • Umra Visa
  • Internal Transport in Private coach with group
  • Complimentary Sohoor _ Iftar provided during the month of Ramadan (No meals in Madinah)
  • Help and Guidance through the journey


Your Contribution to Sustainable Development:

By choosing this package you contribute in the spreading of the truth about Islam through putting together a high quality and appealing hardback copy of the Quran using the universally recognised modern Sahih International translation, complete with appendices tackling key topics such as Women in Islam, the Scientific Miracles of the Quran, and a section on the seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  We use part of our profit from the Umrah and Hajj packages to support the Quran Project organization in printing and distributing free copies of the Quran to new and non Muslims. You can select another project from our projects menu to contribute to.


Disclaimer: All our packages are subject to availability, prices may vary depending on exact dates of travel.

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