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The Quran Project                                                                                                                                                           

The Quran Project is a charity organisation based in the United Kingdom that was founded on 2010 and it aims to get a copy of The Holy Quran in every household in the UK.                            
In these testing times - where all that is heard about Islam is negativity - the main aim of the project is to spread the truth about Islam. We believe that truth cannot come from an individual or group but rather the source of the religion; Allah's word in the Holy Quran.
The project has put together a high quality and appealing hardback copy using the universally recognised modern Sahih International translation, complete with appendices tackling key topics such as Women in Islam, the Scientific Miracles of the Quran, and a section on the seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). 
Through dawah efforts, the Quran Project prints and distributes copies of the Quran free of charge to new and non Muslims.  In order to get maximum exposure the project periodically runs campaigns including:

  • Local and national newspaper ads
  • Bus ads
  • Billboards at major rail stations
  • Dawah stalls
  • Visits to the local community - schools, colleges, masjids

Now, for where you come in!  We implore all to make use of this invaluable opportunity to get involved in dawah - a duty incumbent on all Muslims - and it really couldn't be easier. 
Approximately 5000 copies have been distributed by the Reading branch alone (supported by dawah) and this has led to some reversions by the grace of Allah.   For a feeling of what the Quran Project has meant to some people, watch this short video:









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